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China Old Story Inns Dali Ancient Town

Ancient town with thousands of years of history and the mysteries depicted by the famous author named Jinyong,gradually developed into vivid paintings scattered in the courtyard and rooms of the hotel.Mystical and unexpected dramatic conflicts ,juicy and colorful life of yore in Dali and lifelike characters in the drawings remarkably resemble the traditional girls and men walking around the hotel. These folks ,who are the real leading roles here, narrated the fascinating “old stories” whose ending maybe beautiful,heartbreaking,or touching to numerous hasty visitors that come and go every day.
Sitting on the top platform of the building all alone with a book and one cup of tea,you can talk with Cangshan Mountains , share feelings with Erhai Lake,stroke the tender clouds,and chew the “old stories”that passed on from generation to generation. Two worlds are separated by the main gate,with deep and serene courtyard,delicate and charming camellias and azaleas,playful goldfishes,and faint fragrance in the air inside,and misty rain,folks dressed up with blue and bamboo hat outside. China Old Story Inns of Dali is located on the Wenxian street,300 meters from the south gate of the ancient town instead of the noisy and bustling center.,which is a peaceful place with lake and mountains nearby. You may have the chance to come across the owner ,who is a returnee and will travel all over the world, sharing ideas and experiences about life together if you are lucky enough.